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The Truth About Fixed Match and it’s Gurus

Fixed Match and Match Fixers exist but the manner this “Gurus” make contact and the amount of publicity they attach to their services can only mean it’s a SCAM!

Not that I personally know folks who fix matches, but i know for a fact, they don’t promote the service like it’s available to all. You’d know more about real match fixers if you stick around until the end of this post.

But first, let me share my experience with these gurus on Facebook and trust me, it was fun.

Sadly, many have fallen for these cheap fixed match tricks.

They attract people with promises of great winnings but if you’re not greedy, you shouldn’t fall for them.

Look at it this way, if you have a certain “illegal” source of wealth, would you render it as a service?

Even if you are dumb and would do that, is it logical to publicize such service(s) online?

I will just stop there!

Below are screenshots of my conversation with Fixed Match Gurus on Facebook.

Moi vs Match Fixer 1 (Victor Basil)

Victor Basil claimed to work for a certain “Fixed Odds Organization” and assured me, “winning is 100% certain with his organization……… but only available to “ready individuals”.


And he asked if I was interested.

Please do you know anyone who is not interested in winning?

Of course, I gave the obvious answer!


But because I know where this will end, I had to buy some time.

Mind you, I will never pay for such service(s) even if there are signs I could make a profit with it.

I was blunt with him but no be everybody understand certain English words.


Of course, he was going to give me a trial, as with most of them.


And the result of that day showed he was indeed a fraudster not the Fixed Match Guru.

He sent three games, but only 1 game came through.


What followed was me taking him on a cruise…… funny thing is, he didn’t get the drift.





And on the last day of our convo, the game he sent me didn’t win, you guess what he did afterward.

I will leave you to deduce the answer.


And that is just Match Fixer 1…

Another one contacted me a few days later, again on Facebook and just like I proved with Victor Basil, I made certain to show that 99.9% of the so-called Match Fixers are fraudsters.

Moi vs Richard Fixed (of fixed Match company limited)

I noticed they have similar introduction, so I am guessing it’s either I am chatting with the same person or it’s a ring.


This one made certain I understand his organization’s terms and conditions and also, had me confirm my interest before we could progress.




He was courteous and I must say I learned a thing from his PR skills.

*Tombs not allowed*…. I am sure he meant Thumb.

And we had the first “fixed matches”


But surprisingly, they were Simulated Reality League matches.

So I reasoned aloud, how do you fix Simulated Reality League matches?

Fortunately for Mr Richard Fixed, his gamble paid off!


But as is the norm, I had to ask for another “fixed” to prove he is nothing but a scammer.



He sent the games and even asked that I stake high, I had to show I was in the mix too by making certain promises in case he got lucky again but guess what happened?

He didn’t survive the second trial and he blocked me… Lol


I know more will still try their luck but I promise to do my best to show them they are not very smart and that’s what you should also do.

If you have paid for fixed matches in the past, i don’t think i need to explain why you should avoid them in the future. However, if you’ve not come in contact with these scammers, it’s only a matter of time before you see an ad promising to solve your money.

Below, i explain how they run this sham.

How Fake “Fixed Match” Scammers Operate

There are many variations to these scams.

But here is one easy way they make money.

One thing I have realized is it’s a very lucrative venture, sorry if you were a victim.

I have to confess i am amazed at how incredibly easy it is to make money with it.

How it works 

J.K Diego is a football betting expert and a “self proclaimed” pioneer of football draw betting, he explains how this scam goes:

1) Pick a game with close odds, where Home/Draw/Away are all above 2.50.

2) Gather 99 customers, selling to them the “fixed tip” for like $100 each.

3) Advertise the tip as “guaranteed win”, with odds “at least 2.50”, and that they should bet with all the money they have.

Bonus: Have a fake screenshot showing you have already placed a $5,000 bet for yourself.

4) After your 99 customers have paid you – Tell 33 of them the super guaranteed fixed tip is “Home Win”, 33 of them “Draw”, and 33 “Away Win”.

5) 66 of them will lose their money and block you. 33 of them will now trust you. Repeat the trick in the next game.

6) Now, 11 of them would have won with you 2 consecutive times and think you are either God or the best fixer on the planet.

Feel free to double or triple your prices and they will definitely purchase again.

7) Rinse and repeat with new customers.

But please don’t try using that business model, peace of mind supersedes everything!

Don’t get me wrong, matches are fixed.

And what you are about reading next is proof.

The Operations of People Who Fix Football Matches

The video below is about how match-fixing happen in football and I can guarantee it will be the most interesting video you will ever watch as regards football and match fixing.

You get to meet Wilson Raj Perumal, the Singaporean “King” Match Fixer, in the video, he will help you understand how match-fixing works and possibly (if you pay attention) take note of matches you’ve seen in the past that were fixed.

It is so mind-blowing.

It is highly recommended you watch the documentary in its entirety.

And here are some videos of fixed matches for your viewing pleasure.

There is even more….. Check out this Ferhat Kaplan’s “attempted save” of a Wesley Sneijder strike back in May of 2015.

And here is the most important part of everything and why you should forget Fixed Match

You can make money with Football Betting

But to do that, you need to know it’s not just about putting your money on a team to win, draw or score etc.

You need to have what is called the “Trader’s Mentality”.

You’re probably wondering what that is, before we touch on it, you need to understand who a trader is.

Who is a Trader?

To answer the question, let me explain a trade and how it’s related to football betting.

Trading is simply buying, selling, or exchanging of goods or services between two or more people, a simple example of a trade is you buying device from an online store.

The basic principle of trading is buying lower and selling higher (i.e for a profit)

With football, trading is a different ball game entirely and the application of the “Trading Mentality” takes a different meaning.

You are looking at making money by buying from the bookies/bet exchange at a lower price to sell high.

An example is backing Chelsea to beat Norwich City when they are priced at 1.60 for a win.

A football trader will cash out when Chelsea is leading as the price would have dropped and his back bet in the green.

A gambler on the other hand would wait until the end of the game and that guarantees nothing as the game could end in a draw or with Chelsea losing the game.

There is value betting, which involves you backing high odds and look to make a profit over a given period.

And there is also arbitrage betting, where you take advantage of bookies’ mistakes and make consistent profit on a daily.

There are many ways to make money with football betting, but you should know, it is no get rich quick scheme.

However, there are professionals in the game who will hold you by the hand and show you how to go about making money with football betting.

If you are interested, click the link below.

Someone will reach out and discuss with you on the available options to trade football, and also help you get started. 

Cheers to your freedom from the bookies!


Or contact us on WhatsApp to get you started on this asap. 

Please note this service is not free

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The Truth About Fixed Match and it’s Gurus

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